Course of the contract

At the moment we have all information about your furniture which are necessary for an offer (to send us a picture with dimensions is the best way) we will prepare the non-binding offer for you. It usually takes two days.

Meanwhile you can choose your new fabric from our portfolio (see “upholstery fabrics”).

If you accept our offer we will contact you to make an appointment with you and you furniture.

We can offer you our transport service or you can bring the furniture themselves to us.

Our supplier of fabrics delivers the fabric during two days.

After we “put the new coat on your furniture” we will deliver it back to you or you can again pick up themselves.

We offer

Upholstery of seats

Upholstery of chairs

Upholstery of lounge suites

Upholstery of antiques furniture

Upholstery of beds

and other upholstered furniture

Cabinet maker

We also offer small cabinet maker´s repairs. For difficult repairs we have to use services of cooperated cabinetmaker.

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